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Let it be you...

Someone has to be on TV. So why not you?

Geeta shares insider tips that have gotten her students local, national and international press.

Within weeks.

Lifelong Learner.
Go Getter.
Hopeless Optimist.

Geeta got her first international paid writing gig when she was 12, and she’s been publishing ever since. Over the last 2 decades, she’s worked in TV, radio, print and web.

Drawing from her years freelancing, time spent on staff in various newsrooms and her global network of media contacts, she has made it her mission to help you understand exactly what journalists are looking for, so you can build lasting relationships with them as they take your story out to the masses.

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Best of Montreal
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Calgary Herald
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Huffington Post
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« Those who tell good stories rule the world »
— Plato

When you pitch the media a good story, it creates a 3-way win:

  1. You win exposure and credibility that only comes from free press
  2. The media gets ratings and grows its audience
  3. The public gets to connect with someone (you) who is going to make their life SO much better

Geeta’s signature keynote ” Let it be you “ weaves stories of how experts in just about everything – from photography and marketing to financial planning and cuddles (true story) – are packaging their stories in a way that the media can’t resist.

So you’re filled with ideas, inspiration and a clear sense of how to get some free press.

Become a media magnet

Social media is powerful IF you already have an established audience. And let’s be honest: anyone can say anything on the internet.

So when you’re a new business owner or a higher end consultant, people want to know that you’re reliable, credible and able to deliver. Having a clip of you on MSNBC or an article in Oprah is going to make you stand out in a crowded market like little else can. So let’s get you booked!

Baby Got Booked is an online course designed for time- and resource-starved entrepreneurs.

Ten (10) video modules (for a total of less than 6 hours), worksheets, pitch templates and group coaching support have gotten students hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free press in a matter of weeks.

Do the work and you’ll be screaming ” Baby Got Booked ” too!

Turn information into transformation

Thanks to Google, there’s no shortage of information out there. If anything, people are overwhelmed and are beginning to zone out. But they’re still hungry for the thing that’s driven the growth of the internet (no, not porn!): transformation.

Geeta’s definition of a media expert is someone who is able to parse information in a way that it leads to transformation.

When people spend 10 minutes reading your Huffington Post article, how are their lives going to be better? Learn to speak in sound bytes and distill your message in a way that sets you up as THE go-to expert in your field.

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