I'm Geeta

I laugh till I snort and am obsessed with entrepreneurship, empowerment and alignment with one’s truth.

You don’t have to be perfect to be successful. #askmehowIknow

I got my first paid writing gig when I was 12.

Which makes me sound like a super genius or something right? Ha. The truth is, I almost flunked essay writing when I was 10. My father, horrified that anyone carrying his DNA could bomb English writing, devised a program where my two younger sisters and I had to write 3 essays a week all summer or we couldn’t go out to play.

To his credit, he made it really interesting. We each had a scrapbook and we’d cut out images from magazines and create fictitious characters. We’d write reviews of our favourite bedtime stories. We’d write reports on family outings. And my Dad would offer suggestions on structure, writing stronger headlines, using metaphors and more.

By the time that summer drew to an end, I realized I loved storytelling. This thing that I hated was what I was born to do. All I needed was someone who cared enough to make it fun.

I was incredibly lucky that I had a coach very early in my life. #thanksdad

That early introduction to writing as an act of exploration, expression and self discovery changed the course of my life and gave me a set of superpowers that I’ve leaned on often during seasons of difficulty. I’d really love to pass on the best of what I have so I can honour my parents’ contribution to my life.

Today, in my work as a writer and coach helping people overcome stuckness and doubt, I use my ability to teach people how to dissect their own internal stories and listen carefully for the beliefs and filters that are holding them back.

I teach folks to connect with their own inner wisdom and knowingness.

To listen past the fear to find their strengths, their unique magic, the thing that ignites their curiosity and fuels endless exploration.

Bring all of you to the party

Success starts with taking a compassionate but clear look at where you are and how you got here. And then discovering how everything you’ve tried to hide or change or eliminate about yourself is perhaps actually your strength.

You just never used it this way before.

I’ve helped clients over and over turn chronic confusion into clarity by learning to embrace it and use it as a portal.

Until my new book “Rewrite Yourself” comes out, you can get a DIY version of some of the practices I use in my book “How to Live Your Vision” so you can fall back in love with yourself.

If you (like me) have ever felt overwhelmed by the volume and contradiction of the advice available out there, I have great news. The trick lies in using other peoples’ wisdom, formulas and process merely as a starting point. Experiment. Try things. But never ignore your gut.

Success (by my definition) happens when you’re able to “riff off and duplicate” an existing method. You make it yours. Your warmth, your humour, your transformation, your love.

This is why I like to teach (and learn) in frameworks instead of “formulas”. Frameworks leave room for your own wisdom and magic. They’re flexible and adaptable and allow you to use what serves you, discard the rest and understand the difference.

Define success your way

Dude, I’m so far from perfect, it’s a joke.

My desk is always messy.

I turn into a pumpkin and crash most nights around 8:30pm #canttakemeanywhere

I don’t have my driver’s license (yet).

I ride a purple bicycle.

I’m the least educated member of my family.

I snort when I laugh and crinkle my nose in a really weird way.

I buy too many art supplies and make bad art.

I can’t follow systems that need 100% adherence. If it doesn’t work at 70%, it ain’t for me.

I have come to believe that one’s failings are just opportunities in disguise.

Embrace yours.

Fall on your face. pick yourself up. take notes. change the world. (And possibly make great money doing it)

Most people are so ashamed when they fall on their faces that they forget to pick themselves up and they definitely don’t take notes.


It’s where opportunity begins.

And if you’re willing to find a solution to your own problems, there’s a whole world of people just like you praying for you to show up.

Be an answer to someone’s prayer.

It’s why you’re here.

And I’m excited to help you build your toolkit so you can get unstuck, dream bigger dreams and bring them to fruition.