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We asked Geeta to speak at the National Speaker’s Association’s Annual Conference in a MainStage Spotlight session that called upon her to entertain, educate and frankly wow 2000 professional speakers and their staff (no pressure).
Geeta NAILED it. She had us enthralled. She made us laugh and managed to share actionable tips so that everyone in the room – from our newest members to our long-standing professional speakers, got something out of it. She delivered with grace and poise, and throughout the entire planning process was totally delightful.
If you’re thinking about hiring Geeta to speak at your event, Book this Baby!  
Tami Evans

President of the NYC Chapter of National Speaker's Association

You’ve heard of lightning in a bottle?  This woman is it only she’s willing to share it with you. The day we heard her speak at a conference was the day everything changed for us.  Within weeks we had an interview and already understanding more about how we can better our business.  Her packet is amazingly thorough and as soon as I had a question, BAM the answer was there.  She uses her vast experience to give you templates that do the heavy lifting (and in our case, thinking) for you.  We’ve saved thousands on marketing and can’t believe the time that was wasted before Geeta entered our lives and our business. This is probably the smartest thing we’ve done thus far as business owners.  Do your future a solid.  Get Geeta! Laura Porter

Bloom School of Music and Dance

Former journalist, internationally acclaimed speaker and passionate entrepreneurship advocate Geeta Nadkarni has 20+ years of experience producing print, TV, radio and new media. She and her work have been featured in outlets including the New York Times, CBC, CNN, Global TV, Reader’s Digest.

She’s a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur magazine and is always looking for business success stories for her columns.

Geeta’s keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and trainings teach speakers, coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs how to position themselves as experts and harness the power of the traditional media to gain exposure, build credibility and charge more. Her online course, Baby Got Booked, has landed students local, national and international coverage within weeks (sometimes even days) of starting. People describe Geeta as a “firecracker”. She’s known for her humour and straight talk. She will make you laugh while she kicks your butt. She’s been on stage since she was 3 years old (dance, theatre and debate) and is an unapologetic performer. But her commitment is to results– she doesn’t believe in just blowing an audience’s mind. She wants them to take action and get booked. And she will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I met Geeta at the CAPS meeting in Toronto. She then brought her expertise to our NSA Media Lab in New York, where she nailed it. That led to her being asked to do a main stage spot at Influence 2015 as one of the Fast Five. She packed that five minutes with concrete, actionable tips, made us laugh and showed us that you don’t need an entire hour to deliver value and bring an audience to its feet. I can only imagine what she will teach us when she has a full hour.   Shep Hyken

Former President of the National Speaker's Association, Hyken.com

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Geeta has been on stage since she was 3 and got her first writing gig when she was 12.  She has been on TV, radio  and has produced print and new media for the likes of CNN, CBC, Global News, Reader’s Digest and more.

She now uses her years of experience taking your stories and packaging them in a way that audiences love to teach you how to do your own PR in a way that makes every journalist want to put you on their speed dial.

Geeta regularly blogs for Entrepreneur magazine and Huffington Post and is always looking for success stories to feature in her columns.

I have booked professional top gun speakers for my events of 200-600 people since 2003. My group has heard household names, authors that have sold over 10 million copies for their books, TV personalities and a lineup of people that would be coveted by any meeting planner. When Geeta spoke for my group I received the most positive feedback I have ever had. Everyone loved her and I did not get one negative opinion or “constructive criticism” from any of my usual hard to please attendees. (Every group has a couple of those.) Geeta’s material is extremely valuable, her delivery is great and bottom line people like her-a lot. ( She’s funny too) Don’t delay. Book Geeta for your event, you will be a hero with your attendees and you will learn a lot too. If you have specific questions about Geeta or her presentation style  you can contact me directly at 1-800-937-3157 or at sam@sambeckford.com. Sam Beckford

President, Successful Studio Strategies

Speakers love takeaways and that’s exactly what Geeta delivered when we asked her to speak for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) in December. She is not only a media magnet she’s an audience magnet with her charisma her entertaining stories and her vast knowledge of the media industry. Most importantly we walked away with valuable tangible tools we could implement for results immediately. As the programming co-chair she made me look awesome and CAPS Montreal loved her!! Glynis Devine

Professional Speaker, CAPS, Find your Why

Geeta is a very dynamic, engaging speaker, and easily holds the attention of her audience through sharing interesting and relevant facts, stories and examples. She’s very open and willing to share her extensive knowledge about how to get booked in the media. Suzannah Baum

Presentation Skills Strategist / Executive Speech Coach, www.highimpactpresentationsforwomen.com

Geeta Nadkarni has an energy that makes you connect with her instantly. She is wise, full of information about how the media works, and has a great sense of humor. She shows you the possibilities open for your business and life if you are willing and able to reach beyond your limits and think BIG! Joanne Giacomini

Blogger of Autism, Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child

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“Wow what a great course! I have studied publicity from others and generated quite a bit of exposure on my own, but couldn’t crack into national live TV. Publicists often want $5k/month for 3 months minimum with no guarantee of results.  After taking Baby Got Booked, Geeta helped me see how to write a pitch that evoked emotion with producers. After less than 2 months, I  flew to NYC to appear live on Fox and Friends nationally! Whether you have experience and want the big media or you are looking for more local media attention to stretch your marketing budget, Geeta offers step-by-step instruction and a perspective as a former producer and on-air personality that you can’t get from others. Her tips got me booked within 3 weeks of starting her course. I literally used one of her Twitter tips to get international press in The Guardian! Plus several business blogs. And I now have a bite from a national TV network. Do the work and you’ll be saying “Baby Got Booked!” too!” Just thought I would share the VALUE of our appearance on Fox & Friends. $416, 117!!!!!!! Yes, that is what that time is worth if we were to buy this almost a 5 minute segment. How amazing is that!Here is the Fox & Friends link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wusZWAZL_hE&feature=youtu.be Here is the link to the local interview that played at 10pm Thanksgiving Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syMWYiTki7s&feature=youtu.be Don’t settle for just local everyone! The tools in this program can get you whatever you want!” Sarah Petty

Speaker, Marketing Expert, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Sarah Petty Photography & Joy of Marketing