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Top 3 stories the media is hungry for

Get any group of journalists together, add some nibbles and beer and eventually they’ll start bitching about the state of the business and how formulaic it all is. Because there are definitely some formulae out there for what readers like (and more importantly, what readers share).


Thing is, this is EXCELLENT news if you’re an entrepreneur looking to pitch your expertise to the media. Module 3: Write a killer pitch of the Baby Got Booked course is one of my most wildly popular classes exactly because I share the types of stories that you can pitch to get your name in the limelight. Keep reading to see why everyone was so excited!

Note: What I’m about to share next is a general set of rules. There will always be exceptions– content shared in a truly innovative format; stories told in an unusual voice; a refreshing take on a tired story. And if you have an idea like that I’m excited for you because the world needs to hear it.

However, if you’re an expert and just want a simple way to pitch a story to the media,  these archetypes will get those creative juices flowing in no time.

Pinky promise.

How to write a good (funny, short) bio in under 10 minutes


Most people would rather spend 3 hours in a dentist’s chair than spend 30 minutes writing a bio. I get it. But what if there was a secret shortcut that not only makes the process easier and faster, but actually makes your bio smart, witty and totally you?

In more than two decades as a professional journalist, I have come to loathe and fear the bio. The only thing more painful than writing one is reading one of the millions of dry, boring looooong bios that people tack onto the bottom of press releases or seminar announcements.

Look, I get it. I LOVE writing and even I find bios tricky. It’s not easy conveying both the breadth of your professional expertise and education, as well as a little bit of your actual personality.

At least it wasn’t easy. Till I discovered this… (more…)