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If you don’t build your own dreams, somebody will hire you to build theirs.

– Dhirubhai Ambani, billionaire, named one of Asia’s top 50 entrepreneurs

I read that quote for the first time in the summer of 2014 and it seemed to explode something in the centre of my brain. There it was, such a simple and elegant truth, a call to action that I felt keenly with every fibre of my being.

Yet, arguably, it was a tricky time to launch a business for me. I had a 19-month-old child, with whom I had stayed home since his birth, and our family’s sole income was increasingly unreliable. My husband Pat worked in public broadcasting and we knew there were cuts coming. We just didn’t know exactly when or how the axe would fall: would his hours dwindle gradually, making our budget tighter each week? Or would it be one of those conversations in his boss’s office that ends with the words “two weeks”?

We had no savings thanks to a legal issue we were tangled up in with our condo association, and I had, just the previous year, tried to launch a baby sling business that never really lifted past the “friends and family” phase.

If these were your circumstances, would you have started a business?  (more…)

Media Magnet Moment: How to Build Media Credibility

Baby Got Booked student Stacy lived an experience that proves that life is at least as strange as fiction: she married a sociopath. Zoom forward to today, and Stacy is now channeling that difficult experience into launching a business aimed at using memoir to overcome trauma.

In today’s Media Magnet Moment, I’m answering Stacy’s question, which I think a lot of entrepreneurs have: “How do I build credibility and credentials when I’ve only just gotten started?”

Do you have a media-related question? Submit it here, and I’ll be happy to answer it as soon as I can.

Media Magnet Moment: Harnessing Media Opportunity

If you are like a lot of business owners, artists and non-profits, you spend a lot of your time wondering how you can promote your event/product/fundraiser. And likely the approach you have come up with involves tweeting/facebooking/instagramming, or sending generic press releases to an equally generic “media list.” Maybe with all of the journalists bcc’d on the same, impersonalized email. Or worse–cc’d. My guess is that this isn’t working so well. (more…)

Get SERIOUS Media Attention Webinar…back by popular demand

Dearest Future Media Magnets,

This is just a quick update to say that y’all blew my mind last week with your overwhelmingly awesome interest in the Get SERIOUS Media Attention webinar that I hosted last Thursday.

Your interest was so fricking awesome that I’ve decided to do an encore webinar on Thursday May 7 at 2PM EST, to give others a chance to participate as well. This special encore is for those of you who missed the first one, or who found out about it too late, or really anyone who wants to be like PK and end up in The New York Times already!

Registration is 100% free, and takes, oh, about 30 seconds, here.

I’ll be sharing my JUICIEST tips that have landed my students local, national, and international coverage within an average of 2-3 weeks of joining my course. (You can see a full description of the content on the sign up page)

I hope to see you there!

To your success,



How PK and I got in the New York Times


If you follow me on social media you might have seen me gushing last week about my debut in the New York Times, something I have had on my bucket list for ages. (You can read the article, “Training for Would-Be Stars on How to Be Famous” here.)

Yes, I was training would-be stars to be famous. In New York City. And got booked in The New York Times. I was feeling pretty glamorous.

But that isn’t the only awesome part of it (and I promise there is some goodness in here for you, too).  (more…)

Media Magnet Moments: Where to find magazine journalists

One of the most common questions I’m asked by media newbies is where they can easily find that rare breed of unicorn, magazine journalists.

I wish there was a place where magazine journalists all hang out so you could go find them, but there isn’t, so this resource is the next best thing. It’s a MUST if you’re interested in seeking magazine coverage.

Watch the video to find out why this resource is better than just browsing a magazine rack or hitting Google.