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The Baby Got Booked Course

For the year prior to meeting Geeta I tried to get media attention with press releases and never got noticed.

Geeta captured my attention the day I met her. I did not feel ready to embark on this project but I felt compelled to join in nonetheless. I love Geeta’s approach to teaching and felt at ease to listen to her coaching instead of reading another help booklet. Her voice, personal examples and expressions helped me to “get it”. Finally, I understood the magic.

Since joining the group, Geeta has helped me to get on to Breakfast Television and then to capture the HuffingtonPost. At every step of the way, there was Geeta right behind me with great support and helpful advice. Being part of her Facebook group has allowed me to ask questions in a private setting, get input from others just like me, and to really discuss and learn from others. 

I have not looked back and continue to move forward. The possibilities are endless. Baby Got Booked is priceless!

Miriam Pearl

Founder, Delicious Without Gluten

Could It Really Be This Simple…

…to get FREE publicity? To gain the credibility, brand equity and platform that only unpaid media coverage can give you? All by following some straight-forward tips and templates?

Find out how entrepreneurs just like you are learning to speak in sound bytes, write killer press releases, woo journalists and become media magnets!

Her tips got me booked within 3 weeks of starting her course. I literally used one of her Twitter tips to get international press in The Guardian! Plus several business blogs. And I now have a bite from a national TV network. Do the work and you’ll be saying “Baby Got Booked!” too!”

Don’t settle for just local everyone! The tools in this program can get you whatever you want!”

Sarah Petty

Founder, Joy of Marketing

Are you tired of opening a magazine or turning on the TV only to think, “That “expert” could have been me. In fact, it SHOULD have been me because I have better information to share!”

Are you fed up with sinking hours and resources into so-called “free” social media only to get dismal results and no real exposure?

Have you convinced yourself that you’re too small, too new or too *insert excuse here* to ever get in the Huffington Post or on CNN? That you’ll only be able to make that leap once you can afford a publicist?

Meanwhile, journalists are ripping out their hair trying to produce 24/7 content on tighter-than-ever schedules with smaller-than-ever budgets. They’re desperate for passionate experts in every field imaginable to lend their stories context, information and value.

When you get your voice out in the media, everyone wins

Journalists win because when they find a fresh voice, a fresh angle on a tired story or a relevant trend that their audience loves, their ratings go up. Freelancers get invited back to work on other stories, producers get promotions and the media has every reason to ask you back on the show.

You win because after all, you risked everything and went into business because you truly believe there’s a need for your product or service. Media exposure not only helps more people find you, but also boosts your credibility, customer trust and your own power to make the sort of connections that will take your business to the next level.

The public wins because instead of constantly being bombarded with generic newswire copy, they’re being connected to the movers and shakers in their communities. They’re discovering products and services designed to fix their particular problems. Their lives improve, which creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs to do what they love.

How the course works

Last year, we got zero response to our Serve press release and had a few journalists show up the day-of. This year, we were featured in the following media sources, both before, during, and after the event: CBC radio: Daybreak, CBC television, Cult MTL, Global News, The Montreal Gazette, CKUT, Nightlife.CA, CTV, VTV, and 24h.

To give you a little perspective on this, this media response was larger than when we re-launched an entire program (our Street Work program) back in October…  I just wanted to share this success with you, and thank you for your pertinent, realistic, applicable, and effective tips!

Victoria Pilger

Funding and Partnerships Coordinator, Head & Hands

Geeta is pulling us 40-year-olds into the 21st century. She is smart, innovative and she has a way of seeing opportunity for you within your business that goes way beyond just social media. The deliverable that she produced is one I see us returning to time and time again as we implement the various pieces of our strategy and get our website up. She gets it. And she cares.

Stephanie Garrow

Strategic Clarity Coach, Garrow Evoy

You’ve heard of lightning in a bottle?  This woman is it – only she’s willing to share it with you.The day we heard her speak at a conference was the day everything changed for us.  Within weeks we had an interview and already understanding more about how we can better our business. 

Her packet is amazingly thorough and as soon as I had a question, BAM the answer was there.  She uses her vast experience to give you templates that do the heavy lifting (and in our case, thinking) for you.  We’ve saved thousands on marketing and can’t believe the time that was wasted before Geeta entered our lives and our business.

This is probably the smartest thing we’ve done thus far as business owners.  Do your future a solid.  Get Geeta! Laura Porter

Founder, Bloom School of Music & Dance

Geeta is the REAL deal when it comes to getting you booked in the media!
The first time we worked together Geeta got me a FULL page in the business section of the Montreal Gazette with not 1 but 2 stories on both my book and art prints. That business page resulted in numerous speaking engagements and clients calling in wanting to work with me!
Thank you Geeta for your ALL STAR publicity & media support!
Vanessa Simpkins

Best Selling Author & Speaker , www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com

I want to live in a world full of win

Which is why I designed the Baby Got Booked Bootcamp to teach you STEP-BY-STEP:

MODULE 1: SELL YOUR MESSAGE NOT YOURSELF Communicate with the media in a way that makes them want to listen.

MODULE 2: SPEAK IN SOUND BYTES A good elevator pitch is just the beginning. Learn how to condense various aspects of your story and make them pithy, memorable and shareable (this is media catnip!).

MODULE 3: WRITE A KILLER PITCH Explore some of the hidden benefits of media coverage and get insight into what makes a strong story from a journalist’s perspective. Checklist included to make sure you don’t miss anything.

MODULE 4: THE HOTTEST STORY ARCHETYPES The top 10 types of stories the media is hungry for right now. And (you ready?) DONE FOR YOU pitch templates so you can literally plug and play!

MODULE 5: CRAFT AN AWESOME MEDIA KIT Save money, time and effort by putting together a fantastic modular media kit that is designed the way a JOURNALIST needs it to be. Plus this way when you get a press request, it’s a matter of sharing a simple link instead of scrambling to put together a custom kit.

MODULE 6: WOO JOURNALISTS I’ll teach you how to find, connect with and nurture relationships with journalists who are likely to give you coverage. Including simple tips using social media that got one of my students, Sarah Petty, international coverage 4 weeks into the course!

MODULE 7: PERFORMANCE TIPS WITH BOB BABINSKI Imagine getting on-air training from the guy who travels around North America training the very journalists who are likely to interview you! Bob will teach you how to present yourself as natural and authoritative (even if you’re trembling with nerves), how to lead from the hot seat, how to gracefully avoid questions you don’t want to answer and lots more.

MODULE 8: LOOK LIKE A PRO How to create a visual brand for yourself and look strong on camera with wardrobe and makeup tips for every gender. What colours should you absolutely avoid when going on camera? What foundation brands work best on HD? And more.

MODULE 9: MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MEDIA APPEARANCES So you got on TV. Now what? How to leverage the media attention you get. Boost your visibility, client buy-in, SEO and more.

MODULE 10: CREATE A MEDIA PLAN This module brings all your learning together and creates a framework to keep you organized and motivated. I share various editorial lead times (how far in advance you should pitch) and help you create a calendar of your own. This way, you get the max done with minimum resources and never miss another opportunity again.

Each module is 20-40 minutes long, so it will take you less than 6 hours to go through the entire course if you watched it back-to-back (not recommended! You want to schedule time to do the homework I assign and let things sink in a little!). I know you’re strapped for time, so I’ve really gone out of my way to make this course fluff-free and totally actionable. Give me 90 minutes a week for 10 weeks, do the work, and you’re practically guaranteed to get booked.

ALL of my students who took the time to write out pitches and send them have gotten results. Most in less than 3 weeks of starting the course. And I’m talking local, national and international.

Why students love the course:

  • Done-for-you pitch templates– just plug and play!
  • Worksheets to help you organize your efforts and turn insight into action
  • Everything’s recorded and you have lifetime access.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. I want you to get results.  If you complete all the worksheets and still don’t get results, I’ll gladly give you your money back.
  • I want you to be screaming “BABY GOT BOOKED!”. Nothing less. I want you to have the kind of success you aren’t even allowing yourself to dream about right now. I want raving fans because that’s how I’m going to grow my own business.  I’m on your team. So let’s get started!

Why Now ?

Even the big internet gurus pepper their websites with media logos. You know why?

Because the public knows that you can say just about anything on the internet. You can fake statistics, testimonials, buy likes and followers, etc. You know what you can’t fake?

Your face on TV. An article about your company in a respected magazine or newspaper. THAT’S credibility. Which is why Sir Richard Branson says, “PR is critical. A good PR piece is worth far more than a front page ad.”

Make 2016 the year you break into the big time.

… look, you can try hunting for this information on the internet (it doesn’t exist– I did a TON of research).

You can certainly use trial and error and find out what works for you. But if you’re serious about building exposure, credibility and connections in the short term, learning as a group with a bunch of super motivated, highly intelligent fellow entrepreners, and getting done-for-you templates that will save you time and push you to action, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!

And here’s the best reason ever to work with me: Most how-to PR info is written by people who run agencies and are using their articles as a funnel to get you to hire them. I have fully cut off my safety net and will NOT do other people’s PR. Which means my business lives and dies based on your getting BOOKED. I have no vested interests other than your success. I make a living when you get booked and tell your friends about me or invite me to speak to your organization.

That’s IT.

So I’m REALLY on your team!

My own business started to flourish the day I stopped playing it safe, made the decision to go for it and hire the pros to teach me how it’s done. I want to help you do the same for your own business. Your investment with me is fully tax deductible, and you also have my no-sweat 30-day money back guarantee. Think about what it would cost you to buy 4 minutes on TV or a full-page spread in your local newspaper. THAT’S your payoff for this investment.

Is this course for me ?

The Baby Got Booked Media Magnet Course is for:

  1. Entrepreneurs who are motivated, driven and tired of playing in the baby pool. If you’re ready for the big time, this course is for you.
  2. Entrepreneurs who have a passion for what they do but don’t quite know how to communicate it in a pithy, powerful way. Especially if they’re in front of a camera or microphone and have just 30 seconds.
  3. Entrepreneurs who have had negative experiences with PR before– either because they paid a professional and never got results or because they did it themselves and never got results (I’ll be talking at length about what a producer’s “no” really means).
  4. Entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the time and energy to learn a powerful set of skills that will turbo charge their communications and serve them for the rest of their lives, no matter what they end up doing.
  5. Entrepreneurs who are willing to face their fear of the camera or microphone and whatever other limiting beliefs they currently carry that are holding them back from stepping out into the limelight.

This course is NOT for you if:

  1. You want to be on Oprah the first time you write a pitch. Media relations is like exercise: it’s a lifestyle decision and you have to start where you’re at and work towards your eventual goals. A great program WILL get you faster results, but there is definitely effort involved. If this idea makes you upset, this isn’t the course for you.
  2. You aren’t prepared to put in a couple of hours a week (at least at first) to implement the strategies I share. Everything will be recorded and made available to you for life, so you’re welcome to learn at your own pace, but know that if you take your time taking action, your results will reflect it.
  3. You make a habit of downloading or purchasing tons of training materials but never make the time to actually watch/listen or put your knowledge into action. Save your time and money. I want RESULTS. I want to work with people who, like me, are 100% committed to making our wildest dreams come true. No compromises.

It works

“Before I started working with Geeta, I was a media newbie.  Being completely overwhelmed with work didn’t help much with my media dilemma either!  However, since promoting my business was a huge priority, I had to act. Through Geeta, I discovered how totally doable it was on my own.

In the space of less than 3 weeks, I learned how to think like a producer, look for the “WHY NOW” factor, and how to effectively tell my story without it being all about ME. One huge tip Geeta passed on to me was that I had to make the information important and useful to the people at the receiving end.  Otherwise, why would they care?!

I recently wrote my first pitch from scratch, and the experience was nowhere near as frightening as I thought it might be! In fact, it was uplifting and fun telling my story in my own words, totally understanding that I had to share useful stuff – not just talk about the products. I now feel I have the skills to tell those value-added stories that are relevant to my products, which will keep my brand visible and interesting for the  long-term.

Let’s face it – learning how to get media exposure is a must for small businesses like mine, since I think I can safely say we don’t want to stay small forever, and media exposure = massive exposure – all at once! 

Choosing Geeta’s program has been one of the very best investments I’ve made in my business since day one. Thanks Geeta!”

Note: Loraine went from zero media to having two spots on Breakfast TV, a 30-minute radio segment on CBC as well as features in the Montreal Gazette and Globe and Mail within 3 months of starting.


Loraine Overall

Owner, Eco-Boutique P'Lovers

Learning from Geeta Nadkarni is such a delight. She’s refreshingly honest and direct. Her Baby Got Booked course has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity in the media. With the amazing course content and supportive Facebook group, I’ve learned how to get booked and I’ve been booked. Without Geeta I would have been floundering when it came to PR. If you’re looking for an effective approach to getting your business in the media, look no further than Geeta.

Lauren Victoria

Co-Founder, Aloha Crate

“Every year for the past 3 years, Bummis has participated in a world-wide Guinness Book of World Records event designed to bring visibility to the issues surrounding cloth diapers. The Great Cloth Diaper Change coincides with Earth Day, and is a colorful and fun event featuring a simultaneous change into cloth diapers of thousands of babies around the world at the same exact moment. Obviously the event itself is wild and hilarious – but the true purpose of it is to promote the use of cloth diapers and bring them to the attention of the public, and in doing so to promote the businesses that manufacture and sell cloth diaper products.

(2013) was our best event ever, drawing the largest numbers and the best media coverage. Thus the event was a success and its purpose achieved in that it bought visibility both to Bummis and to cloth diapers!

These are some of the venues which Geeta was directly instrumental in achieving coverage for us.

  • CBC Montrealer of the week featuring me in a mini-documentary about the business that was filmed in our retail store.
  • The Montreal Gazette
  • Global News
  • CTV News
  • Radio Canada International (RCI) French
  • Radio Canada International (RCI) Spanish
  • Montreal Families – a monthly newspaper, website and resource directory

Having worked with her closely during this project, I would not hesitate to recommend Geeta Nadkarni for any position involving communication, promotion and marketing. She has lots of great ideas and brings spectacular energy and enthusiasm to any project.”

Betsy Thomas

Co-founder, Bummis

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on big name courses to help launch my business. While they were all valuable, Geeta’s Baby Got Booked was the best! Immediate value, actionable items, and incredible information. I will refer to this training for a long time to come. BGB is the keystone for advancing my business. Could not have achieved success without it. Now I am a confident media maven in my own right.”

Stacy Curtis

CEO, Write of Your Life

“Wow what a great course! I have studied publicity from others and generated quite a bit of exposure on my own, but couldn’t crack into national live TV. Publicists often want $5k/month for 3 months minimum with no guarantee of results. 

After taking Baby Got Booked, Geeta helped me see how to write a pitch that evoked emotion with producers. After less than 2 months, I  flew to NYC to appear live on Fox and Friends nationally! Whether you have experience and want the big media or you are looking for more local media attention to stretch your marketing budget, Geeta offers step-by-step instruction and a perspective as a former producer and on-air personality that you can’t get from others.

Her tips got me booked within 3 weeks of starting her course. I literally used one of her Twitter tips to get international press in The Guardian! Plus several business blogs. And I now have a bite from a national TV network. Do the work and you’ll be saying “Baby Got Booked!” too!”

Just thought I would share the VALUE of our appearance on Fox & Friends. $416, 117!!!!!!! Yes, that is what that time is worth if we were to buy this almost a 5 minute segment. How amazing is that!Here is the Fox & Friends link:


Here is the link to the local interview that played at 10pm Thanksgiving Day!


Don’t settle for just local everyone! The tools in this program can get you whatever you want!”

Sarah Petty

Speaker, Author, Small Business Owner, The Joy of Marketing

“Working with Geeta has opened my eyes and mind regarding how I should market myself and deal with prospects. She has helped refocus my teams marketing thought process and helped us realize what is our best bang for my buck regarding marketing. 

Since dealing with Geeta my marketing and branding has never been so strong yet we are able to keep costs well within budget. Baby got booked help me get on BT MONTREAL and will help me reach my business goals.  The way I approach and present to my clients has been modified for the better directly due to Geeta’s techniques and advise. I’m on course for a record smashing year regarding production and sales. 
I would highly recommend Baby Got Booked and more particularly Geeta.”

Michael Martella

Financial Securities Advisor, Private Client Group

If you want to stop waiting for the world to come to you, these media “hacks” can get you on the front page of one of the biggest blog properties in the world: The Huffington Post.

Trust me it works: Geeta’s Baby Got Booked strategies not only showed me how to get published on Huffington Post…after customizing one of her emails, I actually got published in less than 48 hours! BOOM: 200 + likes and 160+ shares in less than one day.

That’s the power of the Huffington Post & Baby Got Booked!

Craig Dave

Founder, Erase Workplace Bullying

WOW! Is all I can say! When I had Geeta Nadkarni from Baby Got Booked coach me on my press release, I had no idea what kind of results it would produce. I submitted it to my favorite online press release distribution system and I got 55 logos (what that means, is 55 different newspapers picked up my story – that isn’t including any other sources) including the Boston Globe and that was in just 1 day. 

Anything by Geeta is well worth the time! She is super amazing at what she does and I know because I’ve experienced her work and seen amazing results. I collected 55 logos for my website because of using her strategies 🙂

Kelly Falardeau

Speaker, Bestselling Author, Philanthropist