🎉 You're In! 🎉

OMG, this is exciting!! And I imagine you feel a little nervous too because “journaling daily” feels like such a heavy lift and so many of us have failed miserably at it so many times.

Look, there’s no arguing with the fact that consistency and habit-building have their perks. But building a habit, no matter how “healthy”, isn’t worth it unless the way you build it is healthy FOR YOU.

So I’ve sent a “Day 0” email to your inbox with instructions on how to set yourself up for success this time.

NOTE: Every email in this course will have the tag [21DJ] on it to make it easy for you to find it in your inbox.

This way, if you ever fall off the wagon, it will be easy for you to pick up where you left off.

Whether you journal every single day or just dip in and out – I want you to feel enriched and more capable and possible as a result of even trying.

The ONLY goal here is to help you get to know yourself better and find the method that’s hidden in your madness.

Because the more you lean in to what already works for you and what you’re already good at, the easier it will be to make incremental, compounding progress.

And that’s what this journey is about.

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