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[pinkbutton link=”https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/baby-got-booked-the-podcast/id1013144570?mt=2″ class=”left”]Subscribe on itunes[/pinkbutton] [pinkbutton link=”http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/geeta-nadkarni/baby-got-booked-podcast” class=”none”]SUBSCRIBE ON STITCHER[/pinkbutton]In this first installment of Baby Got Booked The Podcast, we are SO LUCKY to welcome entrepreneurship and podcasting mogul John Lee Dumas! John is the founder and host of the Entrepreneur on Fire, a podcast showcasing today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur on Fire was voted the Best Business Podcast on iTunes in 2013, has more than 1 million downloads per month, and also happened to be one of the major tools that kept me going when I was first launching Baby Got Booked.

You can probably imagine what getting in front of 1 million people could do for your business. In this episode, John Lee Dumas shares EXACTLY what he and his team look for in a successful pitch, so that you can have that kind of exposure. Plus: John explains what to do if you swear on a podcast (phew).

So…are you ready to ignite?

What happens behind the scenes when you pitch EOF:

  • EOF receives 100+ pitches per month, plus about 5-10 recommendations per month from past guests (which often get to skip the queue)
  • John’s VA does the initial pitch triage, and asks people to fill out an application. 70% of would-be guests don’t take the time to fill out the application, so those that do are seen as more serious,  and have a leg up!
  • Every once in a while, John gets a personally written pitch that he fully reads–which are clearly not boiler plate. These pitches totally skip the line.
  • John’s defines an expert as: someone who has taken the time to learn about a topic, and who is willing to share that knowledge with others. (Sound like you?).

John’s favourite stories for Entrepreneur on Fire are:

  • All about the transformation people get from EOF, and the ripples of the show
  • Honest, personal, and are so vivid that take listeners along with you (so they can smell the grass of the field where you had your big a-ha, or biggest failure).

Pitches that rock John’s world:

  • Refer to EOF and how it has changed their lives
  • Get creative in terms of format
  • Share their journey to success, and can speak to a recipe for success

Do not pitch:

  • Self-serving product pushes. EOF is about you and your journey, so when you don’t share that, it’s clear you haven’t done your homework.

When to pitch EOF:

  • EOF requires a lead-time of 3-4 months.

Make sure Fire Nation gets the most out of your episode by:

  • Setting up a link to a free cheat sheet, book, or video (this also grows your list!) that listeners can access
  • Centering the audience in your content. When preparing for the show, ask yourself: what is the best way I can tell this story to benefit Fire Nation?

You are ready to pitch EOF when:

  • You listen to the show and realize that you think of the guests as peers (similar accomplishments, their journey resonates for you etc).

Ready? Send your pitch to John at: eofire.com, where you can fill in the application form.

John’s #1 piece of advice to move out of the kiddie pool and into the ocean: if you want to be, do.

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